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Tools and Settings


Change Vehicle Description

  • Choose the Two Way Radio ID and enter the description you wish to appear in the pop up box when you move the mouse pointer over a vehicle on the map.

Change Login Password

  • Once logged in you can enter a new password

Modify Group Members

  • If you have a multi user account the administrator can choose which users can see which vehicles.


  • You can centre the map on a postcode or location. Enter the town and county i.e. Truro, Cornwall


  • The map updates every 30 seconds, clicking this icon refreshes the map. The icon briefly changes to confirm it has updated.


  • You may send a text message or status message dependant on the type of mobile you are sending to.
  • Text messages can be between 20 and 110 character again depending on the mobile and its configuration.
  • Status messages show the status number you send or an alpha numeric message pre programmed to show when the particular status number is received.


  • Start Stop - This report is generated by analysing the fixes for the mobile / date entered and giving assumed journet start and stop times.
  • Journey - This report is generated by analysing the fixes for the mobile / date entered and giving a report of journeys and locations during the report period.
  • Mileage - Not yet released for general use



This option gives a graphical representation of the vehicle journey.

  • Enter the date and time in hours and minutes from 00:01 to 23:59.
  • The list of fixes on the left of the screen show time of the fix, the speed and the identity of the corresponding map marker.
  • Clicking on the fix on the list on the left will center the map on the corresponding location.
  • You can zoom in and out on the map as required.




User Groups

  • If you are an administrator of a multi user group you can change the groups you are viewing from here.



Gould Electronics offer the widest, most comprehensive choice of Mobile Two Way Radio products including Taxi, Marine and Paging Systems.