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Switching the radio on

To switch the radio on, turn the On/Off-Volume control to about one third of its maximum setting. You may need to re-adjust the volume when you receive your first call

Check to see that the SVC (service) indicator appearssolid in the display within a few seconds. If it does not and it is blinking, you may be outside your network’s coverage area or have a fault.

Using the Microphone and PTT key

During a call, use the PTT key to switch the radio between receive and transmit modes. Press the PTT key to talk, release it to listen.

The TX indicator glows during transmission.


Making A Call

All calls available on the T2030 are preset by the Gould Electronics. Depending on how your T2030 is programmed, you will be able to make calls to various destinations including other radios on your network and telephone numbers.

To set up a call, press one of the Call C1 to C4 keys, or the Despatcher Desp key. Additional the Fn key may be programmed. All of these keys can be preset to call different destinations.

Common Setup

The Despatcher key is set to call a base station or despatcher
The C1 key is set to call Car 1
The C2 key is set to call Car 2
The C3 key is set to call Car 3
The C4 key is set to call Car 4
The Fn key is set to make a group call(if paid for on your tariff)



Receiving Calls

When you receive a call you will hear two tones This is a Direct Call. When the GO indicator lights, lift the microphone and respond to your caller.

If the call is from a location that is programmed as a preset for your radio, then the appropriate preset key indicator will light.


Returning Calls

When an incoming call finishes, your radio stores the caller’s number. The CALLBACK indicator glows in the T2030

To return the call, press the Callback 31 key, Wait for the GO indicator to light, and proceed as usual.

You may also be able to initiate a callback by squeezing the PTT key briefly (depending on how your radio is programmed).

The last number you called is also stored in your radio’s memory. To call that number again, press the PTT key.

If your radio is in callback mode, press the Clear33 key to discard the callback ID before redialling.

Additional Information

Your radio is programmed with a timer that limits the length of transmissions. The radio will sound a warning before it stops transmitting.

Your radio can be reset byswitching the radio off, holding the PTT button in on the microphone, switching the radio with the PTT button still help in the releasing the PTT button 5 seconds after the beeps have stopped.


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