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Power On / Off   Disabled
PTT   Push to talk button
Volume Up   Increase Volume
Volume Down   Decrease Volume
Function Key F1   Menu Select
Function Key F2   Cursor Down
Function Key F3   Cursor Up
Function Key F4   OK / Enter
Function Key F5   Reset / Cancel / Clear
Function Key F6   Call Base


To set up a call
Use the keypad to select the ID of the person who you wish talk to and press the PTT button or the # button. The call will be setup.

To end a call
Press the *# on the microphone.

Sending Current Status

To send a status message use the up down buttons on the front of the keypad microphone to select the desired message then press the PTT button.

The screen will show outgoing, followed by engaged and finally confirmed.

The status messages you can send are as follows

For Hire (4hire)
Off Duty (Oduty)












This screen allows missed Voice calls (and received Status and Data messages) to be reviewed.
The env icon will show in the Main Phonebook Screen when there is an entry in this Screen. A "Bip" tone is emitted every few seconds when a new call or message is stored.
Press the m button - "stored calls" is displayed, press ok.
Three different types of call can be stored. The screen display will change depending on the type of call stored.


Missed Voice Call

Received Status Message

Received Data Message

The displayed number (#01 #03 etc) shows the queued position of the entry. The most recent call is shown whenever this Screen is displayed.

Press buttons to scroll through other stored calls.
Press the F5 (clear) to return to the Phonebook Screen without making a call. Press OK key to bring up a popup menu with functions:



Message Overview

When the message is received it will appear on the display and the radio will alert every 5 seconds.

If a call is received whilst the message is on the screen, the calling id and time will be displayed. When the call is finished, the message will reappear on the display.

To permanently delete the message if it is displayed on screen press the PTT(press to talk) button.

To store the message or to initiate a call whilst the message is displayed  press the orange button on the top of the microphone and make a call as normal, the radio will display an envelope in the bottom left corner, indicating it has a stored message.

To view or delete stored messages press the "M" button followed by "ok" button, the display will read stored calls #01 press the up or down arrows to select the right message then "ok" select "more" to display the whole message or "delete" to remove.

At any time pressing the orange button (F5 / clear) will exit menus.






To Use Short Cut Keys


*nn# calls mobile nn
*# ends the call
*41*n# Divert both Voice and Data calls
*411*n# Divert only Voice calls
*412*n# Divert only Data calls
#41# Cancel both Voice and Data diversions
#411# Cancel only Voice diversions
#412# Cancel only Data Diversions

where n is the number you wish to divert to, call etc